Top 8 Advantages of SEM positioning for your company

Top 8 Advantages of SEM positioning for your company

Top 8 Advantages of SEM positioning for your company

Thanks to the SEM positioning, we can achieve, in a reasonably short period of time, appear in the first positions of the first page of Google.

To be among the first, we can use two totally complementary strategies that, applied together, will make us obtain much better results:

SEO Positioning ( Search Engine Optimization ):  when we talk about SEO we refer to the positioning in organic search results.

SEM Positioning ( Search Engine Marketing ): the SEM is the positioning in the search results of payment.

In the present article, we will focus on explaining what Google Adwords is and what are the advantages or benefits that we can obtain from our companies doing online advertising.

What is Google AdWords?

Without further ado, Google Adwords is a program or tool from Google that allows us to advertise online on the Internet.

With Google AdWords, we will be able to show the announcements of our business and the products and/or services that we offer to our target.

Advantages of SEM positioning

The main advantage of online advertising is that we can adapt the ads based on the type of customer we want to address and exclude those that do not interest us.

Undoubtedly, the depth that AdWords offers us to carry out the segmentation process is enormous and allows us to reach our potential customers at the precise moment when they are looking for our products and/or services.

1. Increase traffic to your website

All the SEM campaigns that we generally have a common denominator: to get visits to our website, either to sell our products or services, to enhance our brand image or to let us know.

Thanks to Google AdWords, we managed to increase visits to our website in the short term, which saves us time if we refer to the volume of visits.

2. Segmentation

As we have already mentioned, Google Adwords is an excellent tool in terms of targeting options.

We can build campaigns by choosing different characteristics of our target audience: sex, age, place, tastes and preferences and even hobbies.

On the other hand, we can also choose the days of the week, as well as the times at which we want our ads to appear and, also, in what geographical area.

Thanks to the segmentation, we get our ads to appear exclusively for the people who are looking for us.

3. Monitoring and exhaustive measurement

In just a couple of days from the start of our campaign, we began to receive information on the progress and results of our ads and the keywords we chose.

With Google advertising have detailed information on what the users, ie, the number of clicks on our ads, the number of times these are (impressions), its position, the cost of the campaign, etc…

If little information, we are able to link the account AdWords with Google Analytics, correctly configured, it will give us a lot of very important quality data that help us understand and meet users who are interested in our website and that, therefore, they may be interested in making a purchase action.

4. SEM positioning is the ideal complement to SEO positioning

One of the main objectives of companies that bet on carrying out a digital strategy is (and has to be) appear in the top positions of the main search engines and in particular, Google.

Through SEO positioning, we get results in the medium / long term and this requires work content marketing, social networking, corporate blog and that they go in the same direction and well focused, well, add the technical aspects of our Web.

With SEM advertising, we get short-term results. This immediacy helps us to appear in the top positions and therefore perfectly complements any SEO strategy.

If you ask us which of the two strategies is more effective ?, we will tell you that through the experience we have acquired in the different services we have provided to our clients as an online marketing agency, it is the combination of SEO and SEM positioning to enhance our position.

5. Cost control

Undoubtedly, we have the enormous advantage that we ourselves decide the money we want to invest and we only pay when there is some interaction with the users, normally, when they click on our text ads or while they see a video ad that we have created.

The budget is fixed by us without any commitment and we can stop the campaigns when we consider appropriate.

6. Flexibility of the tool

Google AdWords is a truly flexible tool because we can access for free and practice in the assembly of campaigns, messing with the tool and familiarizing ourselves with the panel of the program. The only requirement we need is to have a Gmail account created.

We say that it is a flexible tool since it does not limit its functions when we are doing the first tests, which is to be appreciated if we compare it with most of the famous demo versions of other programs or tools.

7. Online advertising with AdWords is a guarantee of success

There are many companies that demand this service and decide to invest part of their online marketing budget in AdWords advertising campaigns.

The campaigns, once created and put into operation, need a period of adaptation and maturing along with optimizations and continuous revisions.

It is rare that, with a properly structured and structured campaign, with a precise segmentation and an adequate budget, it does not obtain any kind of benefit, either at the level of customer acquisition and sales or at the level of the brand image.

We have to add that there are very interesting options currently such as remarketing or advertising actions through Google Shopping, which are very innovative and highly effective.

8. Customer acquisition

There is no doubt that, thanks to the tools that digital marketing puts at our disposal, we can attract customers and with Google AdWords, it would not be less.

We have already explained that by investing in online advertising we generate traffic to our website in the short term, it will depend on us if we convert that traffic into customers or they will simply be passing visitors, but in this aspect, we will talk about future articles since it deserves it.


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