Social Media Optimization

It is the way of using different communities like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ to generate publicity to increase the awareness of a product or brand.

It also optimizes a website and its content to encourage more users to use and share links to the website across social media.

Why should I go for  (SMO)????

The present scenario of this era is “ What you share is what you are”.

Sharing in social media has become a daily activity in all our lives.

Whatever you do and whatever you believe is based on the social media.

Hence if you use social media as a channel for your business, it would definitely take your business to the next level.

“ Make your business reach every nook and corner of the world through social media marketing!!”

How does it benefit my business ???

• Increase in your traffic
• Increase in your website’s visibility
• Free Advertisement
• Ease of attaining targets
• Sharing quick updates
• Instant popularity

How does it happen???

• Content design
• Website design
• Content navigation/Increase in readability
• Sharing

Think about it!!!!

“Social networks are the digital reflections of what humans do.”


  1. Business Page
  2. Profiles
  3. Groups/Communities
  4. Adverts
  5. Campaigns

In Facebook, we can display ads as the single image, single video/slideshow and as a carousel.


  1. Account
  2. HashTags
  3. Sponsored Tweets

In Twitter, we can display ads as tweet without the image, tweet with image and tweet with multiple images.


  1. Premium Accounts
  2. Ad Campaigns


  1. Business Page
  2. Integrating your blogs/websites

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