How To Easily Optimize Your Organic SEO?

How To Easily Optimize Your Organic SEO_

How To Easily Optimize Your Organic SEO

Gaining visibility knows How To Easily Optimize Your Organic SEO. And yes, we all know today that it is vital for a company to be represented on the Internet by a website. But how do you make sure people find your site on Google? This is where SEO comes into play, in other words, organic SEO.

Definition of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or organic SEO in French, is the art of positioning itself better on search engines like Google so that users can land on a website.

Why you should spend time on your organic SEO

Have a car but no gas; own a battery-free phone or snorkel without a mask. You see what I mean? A website without SEO, it is useless!

What good is it to put so much effort and financial investment into a website if internet users cannot find it? And how can your business rank first on Google? Thanks to good SEO practices.

How to master the basics of SEO optimization?

It is common to use the concept of the pyramid to illustrate the different factors influencing SEO:

The technical pillar

Your site must meet certain technical standards that will allow search engines to navigate your pages and interpret its content. If there are technical brakes (redirection problem, flash, non-compliance with the HTML code, absence of robots.txt or sitemap …), the natural referencing of your site will be compromised.

The Editorial pillar

You need to determine the right keywords and optimize your page based on them. You must correctly fill in the “Title and H1” tags with relevant keywords, and focus on the quality, frequency, and relevance of your content.

There are two types of keywords:

Keywords awareness includes keywords with your brand name. In other words, people already know you. This is not the most interesting traffic to attract…

What’s better for your business is to position yourself on the keywords that are associated with your business, your services or your products while Internet users did not have specific brands in mind. We are talking about commercial keywords. 

It is on these that you will have to concentrate your efforts.

But beware, to attract traffic, your business keywords must be properly defined beforehand and you will need to put them right on your web pages.

The Netlinking pillar

Your website must be popular on the Web: other websites must refer to your content. Specifically, this translates into links on third-party sites that link to your web pages. By creating value-added content, you’ll want your readers to share your content on their own channels.

The social media pillar

Social media is becoming increasingly important in SEO, it is important not to neglect them anymore! You must be present and active on social networks and make your content very easily shareable through the use of Linkedin, G +, Twitter or Facebook.

Be careful, note that SEO should not be confused with paid search (also called sponsored links, Paid Search Advertising, Google Adwords Ads, Search Engine Ads, SEA).

At your level, what can you do for the SEO of your website?

You will be able to act editorial: choose the right keywords and optimize each web page.

We begin 

First of all, keep in mind that EVERY webpage needs to be optimized for ONE keyword. It may sound scary at first, but that’s the reality. I advise you to focus your efforts on a dozen important pages for your actions then you can deploy throughout the site.

How to choose a keyword for a web page? Gather a working group of project managers and salespeople and ask them to write down the topics that your clients and prospects are concerned about.

Then you must use tools (Suggest, Ubersugget, KeywordTool, Google Adwords Keyword Planner) to expand your list and check that the ideas tracks are actually considered a keyword. If your expression appears under the search bar in Google, bingo!

Finally, you will optimize the web page with the chosen expression by incorporating it:

In the Title

  • The H1 
  • The meta description (this is for users, not for Google’s robots)
  • In the content, especially at the beginning of your text, in bold
  • In the alt attribute of the images.

SEO is a real work in depth that allows you to gain visibility on topics that concern you. This is THE Way to attract more traffic to your website from the search engines.



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