20 Questions to Ask Potential SEO Clients

20 Questions to Ask Potential SEO Clients

Do you run an inbound advertising office and offer SEO clients to your customers? At that point, it’s profoundly prescribed that you have a survey to assess the clients you work with.

You may ask: yet why is this important?

Since this data will uncover to you whether the new business coming to your direction is appropriate for you and furthermore furnish you with urgent bits of knowledge that can enable you to make a superior procedure for your customers.

Since beginning my inbound showcasing organization in 2015, I’ve worked with organizations of all sizes, helping them accomplish more prominent hunt rankings and enhancing transformations. What’s more, the accompanying arrangement of inquiries has helped me get a more profound comprehension of their business, industry, and above all, what they hope to accomplish with SEO.

So here are the issues that we at Startup Cafe Digital use to assess the customers we work with.

20 Questions to Potential SEO Clients

1. What do you would like to accomplish with SEO? What are your principal objectives and KPIs?

Here’s the cruel truth – A couple of your prospects will have unrestrained thoughts in the matter of what they want to accomplish with SEO. So you must set reasonable desires appropriate from the begin.

This data will uncover how sensible and achievable your customer’s objectives and KPIs are.

2. Who is your intended interest group? (Age, sexual orientation, training level, and so forth.)

This data will uncover the key socioeconomics your customer is focusing on. This will enable you to see how aggressive or undiscovered the market is and the level of trouble the task involves.

Recognizing the client personal of your customer is an essential advance for all your SEO exercises, to guarantee that you find a reasonable solution for your customer.

3. Which nations would you say you are focusing on?

Do they have a worldwide gathering of people or would they say they are simply focusing on one nation? By and by, it’s essential to know which nation is your principal target and how difficult the market is.

Professional Tip: If they are focusing on only one nation, ensure this reflects in their Google Search Console.

4. Do you have some other workplaces around the globe?

The response to this inquiry will uncover whether you have to put your chance and vitality in neighborhood SEO. On the off chance that they work out of numerous areas, see if each of their workplaces has its own Google My Business (GMB) posting.

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5. Who was your past SEO office/expert?

Knowing who was dealing with their SEO may give you bits of knowledge into the work that has been done as such far and the difficulties that you’ll be looking later on.

6. What is your level of understanding with regards to SEO clients?

Knowing how much your customer thinks about SEO will enable you to speak with them all the more adequately.

Not every one of them will know the significance of components Domain authority, for example, space specialist, robots.txt document, and sanctioned URLs. All things considered, it’s essential to gauge their comprehension of SEO clients so they know the trouble that the undertaking includes.

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7. Who are your fundamental rivals?

While you can without much of a stretch discover who the natural contenders of your customer are utilizing SEO clients instruments, for example, SEMrush and Serpstat, it’s constantly great to know who your customer considers being their rivals.

8. Do you have an in-house engineer?

You will no uncertainty settle Technical SEO issues with your customer’s site. In the event that you have outright control over the progressions, at that point there’s no issue. Be that as it may, on the off chance that they do have an in-house designer who you’ll have to collaborate with consistently to execute the specialized changes, at that point, it’ll open entryways for the following inquiry in this rundown.

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9. What level of help will we have the in-house engineer?

On the off chance that they have an in-house designer, at that point, it’s critical to know the recurrence with which the progressions that you’ve proposed will be actualized.

10. What CMS would you say you are at present utilizing?

Is your customer’s site keep running on WordPress, Drupal or HubSpot? Finding a solution to this will uncover how easy to understand the CMS is and how comfortable your group is with it. On the off chance that you have more involvement with WordPress over some other CMS, it’s critical to know ahead of time.

11. What is your financial plan for SEO?

An immeasurably vital inquiry. There are customers who have yearning objectives with SEO, however, may not really have the financial plan. In these cases, remain away. Ensure the customer you’re working with has an adequate spending plan for the objectives they have at the top of the priority list.

Continuously search for organizations that genuinely they know the significance of SEO clients and will contribute a better than average sum on a month to month premise.

12. Will I be offered access to the accompanying things?


Google Analytics

Google Search Console

You may need to consent to a non-exposure arrangement (NDA) to access their things, yet it’s critical you know ahead of time in the event that they will give you get to. In the event that they’re hesitant, you have to disclose to them why it’s important to the point that you approach these things. As I stated, recommend marking an NDA with them. That dependably does the trap!

13. What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)? What is the key differentiator between your item/benefit from that of your rivals?

When they have uncovered their rivals, it’s a great opportunity to take in what separates their offering from that of their rivals. You have to guarantee that this USP is conveyed adequately all through the site with all the suitable catchphrases.

14. Is it accurate to say that you are working with a PR organization?

Website design enhancement and PR exercises regularly supplement each other. In the event that your customer as of now has a PR organization for you, at that point, you can be guaranteed that they’ll enable them to produce amazing backlinks. To get more outcomes, your organization and PR office can cooperate to accomplish more noteworthy outcomes for your customers.

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15. Do you have plans to overhaul your site?

Is their site mobile responsive? Is it transformation cordial? On the off chance that the responses to these inquiries are no, at that point it’s exceedingly improbable you’ll advance their transformations, regardless of how much exertion you put towards enhancing their SEO clients.

In the event that you offer site upgrade administrations, make it a piece of your pitch.

16. Do you have any brand rules?

Organizations regularly have strict brand rules which offices must stick to. In the event that your prospect has particular brand rules, become acquainted with them and offer them with your group.

17. Are there any sites/gatherings/subreddits that are much of the time going to by your intended interest group?

This data can prove to be useful when you’re investigating potential catchphrases and slanting points to make SEO content on.

18. Who might you distinguish as influencers or thought pioneers in your space?

These are the general population who your intended interest group are probably going to trust while settling on a purchasing choice. Influencers can help get the message out about your customer’s items or benefits and can be potential focuses for definitive backlinks.

19. Do you have any plan resources we can approach?

Access plan resources, for example, logos, shading palette, text styles, pictures, and so on. Spare these advantages in an organizer on Google Drive and offer them to individuals in your group will’s identity engaged with this task.

20. Do transform you make to the site need to experience an interior endorsement process?

There’s nothing more baffling than proposing a couple of vital changes to the site from SEO clients viewpoint and sitting tight for quite a long time before the customer endorses it. So it’s essential to decide the level of independence you’ll have with regards to rolling out improvements to the site.


There might be situations where your prospects are unwilling to share any of the previously mentioned data with you before getting installed. So let them realize that they may answer just those inquiries which are they OK with. All things considered, you wouldn’t have any desire to sell a potential customer with excessively numerous inquiries.

Having said that, it’s essential to realize what you are getting into before you begin influencing guarantees to your customer as far as what they to can accomplish with SEO clients. So get however much data as could be expected from the customer and do your own particular research before focusing on anything.

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