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1.Create a Profile Badge:

Promote your personal LinkedIn presence by adding a Profile Badge to your personal website that links to your public LinkedIn profile. Choose from several different badge designs to match your website’s style.

2.Optimize Links:

Rather of using the default anchor text links in the Websites list within your LinkedIn profile’s Contact Info section, modify the anchor text to make those links more appealing to people who view your profile.

3.Search Engine Optimize Your Profile:

Optimize your profile with keywords that are relevant to your profile.These keywords can be added to your profile headline and sprinkled throughout your profile summary.

4.Use Saved Searches:

Users can save 10 job searches and 3 people searches. After searching, click the “Save Search” button on the top right of the page. This will enable you to run the search later as well as get reminders and alerts.

5.Have Your Skills Endorsed:

What’s more impressive than listing out your skills? Having one’s skills endorsed by others.Your connections can make endorsements on the skills you’ve listed as well as make recommendations. Delete and rearrange your endorsements to accurately present your skillset.


6.Make Your Profile an Open Profile:

With a premium LinkedIn account, an Open Profile allows you to message any LinkedIn member regardless of membership level or connection status if they accept Open Profile messages.This enables you to get into contact with members you would otherwise not be able to interact with

Premium Options

1.Premium Profile
2. Open Profile

7.Export Your Connections:

You can export all your connections into a contact management system via a.CSV or .VCF file.This can be a useful tool for tracking your contacts and getting an overall profile of your network.

8.Utilize LinkedIn Groups:

With LinkedIn Groups,you’re able to send up to 15 messages per month to other group members.You can also view the profiles of fellow group members. If you don’t see a group that fits your industry or expertise, you can create your own group. Being an administrator of a group will establish you as an industry leader and generate leads.

9.Email your LinkedIn Group:

As an admin of a LinkedIn group, you can email every member once a week. These emails take the form of “announcements” that are sent directly to their inbox.

10.Share your LinkedIn Updates on Twitter:

When publishing your LinkedIn updates to Twitter, you can maximize your reach even further by utilizing the @-Maximize your reach further by utilizing the @mentions Twitter feature. An @mention works like a tag on Facebook. Simply use the @ symbol followed by the individual’s or company’s LinkedIn profile name. The company that is mentioned will be notified and their Twitter followers will be also able to see the status update.


11.Optimize your LinkedIn Company Page:

Make sure your company page is set up correctly using the latest layout and an intriguing banner image.Create Showcase Page to feature your Follow products and services.

12.Create Targeted Showcase Pages:

Showcase Pages are targeted, niche pages that are offshoots of the main Company Page. These can be used to promote specific products or services and cater to a specific person.

Showcase Pages are geared to give visitors to your Company Page a more personalized experience.

13.Regularly Post Company Status Updates:

Posting regular status updates will attract a larger audience because you’ll be constantly producing new, fresh content. With LinkedIn’s status targeting options, administrators can target specific audiences based on industry, company size, location, language, job function, seniority and company employees.

14.Use LinkedIn Pulse:

LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn publishing and news content production platform Companies can browse Pulse to find interesting popular industry news. Pulse also helps companies discover influencer publishers and contributors. Companies can sign up for daily or weekly email notifications.

A company can boost its accolades and professional reputation by contributing to LinkedIn Pulse stories.Since 2014, all LinkedIn users can now write and publish articles on LinkedIn Pulse.

15.Explore LinkedIn Content Marketing Score:

LinkedIn business solutions members can use the Content Marketing Score to measure user engagement with sponsored updates, influencer posts, group pages, company pages and employee updates.

The resulting scores will offer recommendations for improvement on your page’s LinkedIn content pages.

16.Try LinkedIn Ads:

LinkedIn Ads has recently offered ads and sponsored updates. Target audiences based on job function, title, company size, and industry so your ads get in front of those who will most likely read and act on them.



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